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Relationship Between Marijuana And Opioid

There are rising concerns across the globe on matters of drug abuse. Some of these drugs that are highly abused also contain essential health components used in management of various conditions. Opioid and marijuana are some among the drugs that are highly abused but known to contain essential components that treat and manage a number of chronic health problems. Opioid is a composition of heroin and opium and is known to be an effective component in pain management.

There are a number of states that have legalized the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. By having heroin as part of its composition, opioid has been categorized among the controlled substances by the states. Despite being controlled, there are high cases of its abuse across most states. Those who abuse the drug stand a high risk of death as recorded through various research findings.

Marijuana on the other hand is considered to have important substances that can reduce death from opioid overdose. Fighting for legalization is therefore taking this as the new platform to help add more weight to considerations of fighting for the drug. Use of criminal enforcement is the approach used in fighting the use of drugs by the governments but those seeking for legalization consider this should be catered through medical approach. If legalization of marijuana is one however, it would help in a great way to reduce the deaths related to abuse of opioid.

Use of marijuana for recreational purposes was first legalized in the state of Colorado. Deaths related to abuse of opioid were recorded to have significantly reduced within the region with this legalization. Connectivity of the two that is marijuana and opioid therefore comes into being and used to fight for the legalization of its usage. This is one of the greatest factors that is being used today to push for legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Different quotas are raising concerns as to whether it is safer to use marijuana in place of opioid. Chronic pain is one of the condition as that are known to receive a solution from use of the two drugs. According to reports from medical practitioners, marijuana is preferred by patients widely over use of opioid. Chances of overdose with medical marijuana are also limited and this means there are limited cases of side effects. Opioid is highly addictive on the other hand and research indicates that it carries the risk of death when there is an overdose.

There is a rising heat in fight for legalization of marijuana among political circles and this features usage for recreational purposes. There are more states that are likely to accept and embrace the move to legalize use of marijuana for recreational purposes. One of the biggest points being used in this argument will be its ability to reduce deaths related to opioid as you can get more info here.